Top 10 List of Do’s and Don’ts for Women In Relationship

Men and women have different communication styles, different needs and desires, and different relationship challenges. Learning these differences can assist us in strengthening the relationships we have now and in the future.Like I said Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus.

Let’s see do’s and don’ts for a relationship to The Women’s List as follows.


  • When you want more quality time with your man, make the time you do have as positive as possible.
  • Trust and respect him.
  • Stop nagging.
  • Allow your partner time away from you without giving him the third degree.
  • Appreciate the little things he does for you and tells him so.
  • Make love creatively and often. Don’t be afraid to initiate lovemaking.
  • Honor any agreements you have made with him.
  • Support his goals and direction.
  • Ask for what you want! (Believe it or not, no matter how much he loves you, he really can’t read your mind.)
  • Accept his “No” gracefully, trusting that he would if he could.


  • Go to bed angry with your partner.
  • Insist he always shares his feelings with you. Talking about feelings is more what women need.
  • Attempt to converse with your partner during a good movie or sporting event.
  • Continue to “give” in what you perceive is a lopsided relationship when you are at a point of resentment.
  • Criticize him or put him down, especially the things he does.
  • Scold your partner as if he were a child.
  • Use sex as a prize for good behavior or the withholding of sex as punishment for “bad” behavior.
  • Compare him to a fictional character in a book, movie or soap drama and find him lacking.
  • Violate his privacy.
  • Try to change him. Appreciate the man he is right now.

There is so much to learn about satisfying relationships that your parents never showed you. Please don’t become one of the statistics of divorce or perhaps worse, stay in a miserable relationship to honor your marriage vows while having so many regrets about your life as the time ticks away.

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